|Twenty Six in Corona|

I was set apart for I was known before I was formed and I was the selected name before I was born. (~Jeremiah 1:5) On having me crossed the age of twenty five, there is something peculiar that oversell within me today. The brain and the mind has been in a mutual agreement to exalt my spirit and mood. To begin with, I was not born but untimely ripped from my mother’s womb. Can I be called the ‘no man born of woman’? This birthday is specific than all other birthdays not just because I have entered the late twenties phase of my life but because today is the thirty sixth day of nationwide Covid-19 lockdown in India. The major mind’s querry that I answer nowadays is regarding future life, even when it is futile amid the pandemic. It is less taxing to hope for a better future and each of us devise different ways in coping with the global shutdown.

Having spent about half the total years of the average life span on earth, I wonder what the remaining has in its store. You may see me often with an open book in front of me,(Yes, I read a lot!), you have been fooled dear friend, for I have been planning my future, whole day and night, with the book being my planning aid. Doesn’t it seem a little wierd? Never. The novels I have read, the movies I have watched and the experiences I have had played an immense role in building my thoughts.

You might be surprised to know that I have already built my future apartment with a completely designed, functioning interior for all its nook and corner. Since my only sister is married, I have also devised a proper plan for my dream wedding. From the saloon and the dinner course to the dress and the theme is all set, without having chosen a groom. See, I have also decided on the names of my future kids. Sorry to say that my thought process is so creative that it creates more and edits the previous ones, keeping me updated with the trends. So it’s like a lot of mind’s creation bundled not being able to express as the nouveau is in action all the time. It is like a generation of trends and ideas piling up to end up conflicting withing yourself.

The final decision is taken after consulting expert opinions and there is no history of opinions being non contradictory. From the father, the mother, the sibling and the friend to the most irrellevant family member and the neighbour, give free opinion and ideas. How varied in form and colour are they! Some of them being very instant and active, others low and lethargic.

On this birthday, I have decided not to ponder more for who knows whether there occurs a moment of fullfilling them or even the next birthday. I may seem as a matured person but I don’t really welcome your act if you do not extend your wishes to me. I have relieved myself from feeling pique on myself for not wishing me the blissful days ahead. So here, Happy Birthday to Me, for I was to be the me by the ‘supreme will’. Now it is your turn to send me your wishes for we are known and set apart before we were formed and born.

On the 100th day of birth

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