|A Relish to Quench the Heat Within|

Fix your thoughts and make your choices on what is true and right and what is lovely and admirable. As is said, there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. This is the season of the summer sun that is burning yellow and bright above and is also the season of the mellow mangoes that is cool yellow and fleshy within. Accept the heat and gulp this mango slice for the thoughts and choices on the pure and the admirable truth will make you move forward, away from suffering the burning heat.

It is fresh and juicy both sweet and sour. It melts inside your mouth to fill yourself up with the delightful syrup.
The ultimate pleasure of savouring this piece of nature inside you is when they quenches both your thirst and hunger.
They appear green with a tint of yellow but are bright when cut open. The aroma tropical and delicious. Grab them in your hands and place them close to the nostril, the scent is ethreal and luscious.
Hanging from the tips are the young ones about to come to age in a few days. Its beauty is seductive and the shape, round but curvy at the tip and the fragrance alluring.

All my senses have culminated to enjoy the best this season has to offer. It is scorching summer but is the prime of mangoes as well. There is time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. Time always offer a two-in-one and it is us, who have to choose either to weary under the sun or to enjoy the sweet relish. The option is left to us and there is always a brighter side to everything your senses respond.

P. S. Sharing Happiness👇

I reached 100+ followers recently and this is my first blog post after receiving the love and suport of my first 100 amazing people who keeps encouraging me. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for constanly motivating me. Thank you all for without you I am nothing. Hope you are staying safe and may all of you be blessed and achieve what you aim for. Happy Blogging. 😊💕

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  1. I enjoyed your description of mangoes. Thanks. Indeed, cool yellow and fleshy within, it is a sweet respite from the heat. [A small note: “saccharine” has negative connotations: “excessively sweet or sentimental.” Saccharin is an artificial sweetener that does not appear in nature and is used because it has no calories. Sugar or fructose or glucose are sweet, “saccharine” is a sarcastic term. So mangoes are as sweet as true love but are not an artificial pretend chemical.]

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