My Best Blogger #1

When I began blogging in December 2019, I wondered how this works and how to build the blog successfully. Thankfully, I met a lot of loving bloggers who constantly motivated me. Taking inspiration from several other bloggers who do blog promotion, to inspire and motivate fellow bloggers, I am indeed glad to announce that I will be there for you, if you intend to see your blog grow successfully. Let us motivate each other in our journey of life.

My Best Blogger #1💕Aathmana V. J.

Here I am introducing to all those who are reading this post, an astounding blogger and a friend of mine Aathmana V. J. She is the first Kerala Blogger I met through wordpress and is such an amazing soul. The site title and tagline of her blog: Read. Love. Live., Explore the Inexplorable, explains it all about her writing and her lively character.

Her post titled “How Are These At Home? #5 The Chair.” has incited interest in me not only because I suggested her the topic but also she has incredibly penned several memories attached with the household item chair. Also, I find that her blog needs more viewers. So, please read her blog and you will find them as interesting as I did. Follow her blog for more exciting posts as well. 😃👇

How Are These At Home? #5 The Chair.

The chair is a curious object in most of our houses. You might find the concept of this post silly, but trust me, the case is absolutely serious. Let’s begin with a story. Once upon a time, there lived a little girl – the youngest one in a family of four. Their house had a […]

Thank you for reading & Happy Blogging💐

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