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|On Designing the Logo- Shared & Explained|

When I started the blog six months ago, it was indeed difficult being a newbie. I practiced the trial and error method in everything, from choosing the theme to adding widgets. Then I came across various logo making apps and websites that helps in designing the logo for free. Some of them even offers certain designs for free and certain other premium designs through payment.

Meaningful logos mark the visual identity of your niche. If not you may loose it all in the oblivion! Logos are a timeless piece of art that will make you feel proud of yourself, once you drain you ideas to put it together successfully. I do not claim mine as the best but I am happy with it, just because this is the first time I do something of this sort.

My Logo

Thea Thoolika logo may look like a pencil at the first glance but you may also notice ‘an eye’ that which denotes the concept of observation. It implies that the blog is an output of keen observation on life. You might have noticed by this time, that I include motivational content in each and every post no matter what the subject heading is! Haven’t you noticed the two triangles at the top of the logo? Yes! It is to show the inclination towards prayer and everything that which is bright and divine. Moreover, whatever be the issues that trouble you (denoted by the inverted triangle) you will find a way out, which will always be for your well being. This is why the top triangle denoting the position of our palm during prayer is placed over the inverted one. At the tail end is the information that is highlighted; “A Blog by Jeremy Jain Babu”.

Though this logo is special to me as the blog is, as ones own blog is to each and all of us, I have seen better versions and creative designs in Design Hill Logo Maker. It is a platform that gives an opportunity to design your own logo. I was introduced to Design Hill through a random post Logo Design Trends of 2020 that I found while searching for methods and means to improve the looks of the blogging site. Let me say, that the process is easier than you think. You can sit back and relax without worries, after you describe to them your needs and vision in the brief section at their site. Several professional logo designers around the globe, combines your needs, business sense and creative flair to bring to you the customized logo. You can then out shine with the perfect professional design on board. Down here is an affiliate link and I may recieve a small marketting commission, at no additional cost to you, if you purchase the logo design of your dream through the link. Also, as a bonus, you will recieve $60 worth of add-ons with the given code. A professional custom logo at an affordable price, uniquely identifies your brand from your competitors.

Under Design Hill’s Logo Contest Service, you recieve dozens of designs that are unique to your brand. You can collaborate with them and give feedback to finally choose the winner of the contest and thereby own your powerful custom logo, which is the one designed by the the winner of the contest. Yes, you can select from the several highly unique designs created by varoius talented designers. And this is what that makes all the difference! The promotion done here is mainly for those who plan to build and establish their website and buisiness. Newbie bloggers who take blogging as a hobby can always use any free designs available. But the free platform may not give you a customized choice. Moreover, anybody can try Design Hill as it is cheap and affordable.

Get $60 Worth of Add-Ons For Logo Maker with Code CALM110!. Available till 31 Dec 2020 (11.59 pm)

Nothing should stop you from giving it a try, if you consider your brand and website as a top priority.

Hope you will share your interests and experiences regarding Logo designs through the comments. Thank you for reading. ❤️

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