|On Having Met Her and Being with Her|

She had her hair plaited and tied with a band that matched with her black and pink salwaar. She was fair in complexion with many little brown freckles on her face. She was mild and shy when she spoke first. Her eyes hid her life stories which was evident when she gave that uncomparable look at me.

My freckle faced sweetheart, that look on your face is a promise for a better future. Your eyes speaks a lot and it is all about HOPE.

One day she came to my room during the weekend holidays and we spoke for hours. She carefully lifted my books wherein I scibbled my thoughts, she read them all. It was only when she left the room, I realised that it was me who spoke all the time about myself and she was proving to be a good listener. I could sense a bonding that developed between us, which made me talk a lot that which I don not do otherwise. Later, I realised that she had lied to me on her first visit to my room. A lie to keep her secret, that she is a foster kid, intact to somebody like me who is completely a new acquaintace.It was from her roommates, who eventually became my close friends, I learned more about her. Fate orphaned her as a child but gifted to have been brought up by the nuns. She is a fighter, a survivor and that which keeps her moving forward is her faith and smile.

It is beauty that I see in your smile as you make me happy with your grin. Hold your sweetest memories and look forward with your chin up for making more and more.

She is seen around always with a happy face but she later agreed upon that she used to cry while taking shower, so that she can give an excuse to our questions, that the soap made her eyes red. She is funny when it comes to enacting movie scenes. She is a new born baby when it is about getting pampered by friends. She likes to be called ‘vavachi’, the pet name that she designed for herself and that which we all gladly took over as we always love to see the joy in her little eyes that which is even more little when she smiles and when we call her ‘vavachi’.

She is that one girl who loves to explore new things even when she cautions herself with the after effects. If you try telling her that she is wrong about the point that she just made, she becomes that adamant debator who knows to perfectly cross the opponent by sealing their mouth. BEWARE. Also, she is the best critic one can have as a friend, who scans the nook and corner for the tiniest point for further improvisation.

Together you entered the new world and jointly you created an impression on it. Perfection is a demeanour and you always prove that the way you embrace imperfection makes you the best couple so far.

She is now married to her long time boyfriend and is living her life the way it comes. She taught me not to worry much and not to ponder on the future life. Yes, she is one of my best friends who is really special and we grab hold of each other embracing everything that is us, no matter how much crazy and cringey we are.

P. S. Thank you all for helping me reach this milestone. Keep Supporting and Happy Blogging 💐💕

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