Liebster Award I

Yet another blogger award post is here and this is my first award nomination for Leibster Award.😊 Thank you Simon for the award and for also sharing your creative short stories through your blog posts. They are an amazing read! Click here for Simon’s post on Leibster Award.

11 Facts About Me

🔹Learner- yes, I like to learn about new things

🔹Organized – An unorganized cupboard/table is a nightmare for me.

🔹Very Selective about Friends- I keep the number low😉

🔹Day Dreamer – I plan mostly everything in advance while day dreaming and I get inspired from this to achieve what I dream.

🔹Supports everything that has a cause

🔹Listener- I talk less mostly.

🔹Curious and open to new concepts.

🔹Always Smiling (I cry only when I am alone😀)

🔹Amma’s girl

🔹True to self and genuine

🔹Snicker’s🍫 lover

My Answers to the questions asked by Simon;

1) After reading 11 facts about me, how many are we in common?

We had mostly everything in common but with slight differences.

2) Are you left handed or right handed?

Basically right handed. Also, I can use the other efficiently, when one is not functioning well, as in case of a fracture or bruise or any of that sort.

3) Are you religious?

Yes I am, but in a secular point of view.

4) Who do you think have come first on earth, men or woman?

There are certain things which I have not yet found an answer to. This is one such category. (I think I should not speak about something which I do not know)

5) Do you believe in miracles?

Yes I do.

6) Name or link your favourite post of mine?

‘Brightest Moon’ is one my favourites because of your attempt to write the story as a second person narrative.

7) Do you blog in mobile or laptop or Mac?

Mostly Mobile

8) What do you think of gender? How many you think exist?

Sex is biological and gender is a social construct is what that I have understood. So there can be as many as is constructed.

9) Have you ever thought about writing a book and publish on your own?

Yes I dream of great things. I dreamt of a book and ended up blogging which is really great for me.

10) Celebrate birthday with cake and friends? Or give food for homeless or orphanage? Be frank, it is not to judge anyone!

I do celebrate mostly with friends if they are around or with my own family. Giving food for the homeless has happened only twice in my lifetime. Hope I can do more of that in future when I become financially independent.

11) Will you give food to a hungry stranger, but he is infected seriously by Corona?

Ofcourse with all precautions taken because I believe that ‘one gets back what they give’.

My nominees are,

  1. Eromonsele Emmanuel
  2. Rez Scribblez
  3. Snehal Suhane
  4. Coco
  5. Himanshu Pal
  6. Sharon Malatji
  7. Nancy Nelson
  8. Jofina Anna
  9. Akshitha

Congratulations to all nominees💐🤝

I would like my nominees to answer the same questions that I have answered. Also, follow these rules while posting your answers.


1. Thank the blogger(s) who       nominated you.
2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions the       blogger(s) asked you.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!
5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.
6. Notify your 11 nominees.  

Thank you all for reading and Happy Blogging. 💐

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  1. Congrats on your Liebster Award Jeremy and I’m super thankful for the nomination. I have stopped receiving the Liebster Award on my blog. However, I’ll leave some of my responses to your questions here.
    – 2. I’m right handed and I’m amazed that you use both. Could you teach me?
    – 3. No. But I’m a Christian.
    – 4. Men.
    – 5. Yes.
    – 6. My favourite blogpost is one where I discuss about the okada, a popular motorcycle taxi and means of transport in Lagos, Nigeria. It opened me to many famous names in motorcycles like pikipiki and moto in other countries and it was fun making it. Here’s a link.
    – 7. Only mobile for almost the past year.
    – 8. Two genders exist. Male and female respectively.
    – 9. Sometimes I do.
    – 10. Food for the homeless seems like something that’ll sooth me as I’ve never had loud or lavish birthdays. It’s the better option for me.
    – 11. Yes I will but while wearing my face mask.

    Thanks again!

    Liked by 2 people

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