|An Unromantic Downpour|

It has been a long time and is time to be back with my ramblings. Here, I chose to delve into the downpour of various emotions that are invariably concerning the rain.

It drizzles first following the cool breeze or the other way round, one can never predict its arrival. Here, it rained last night without any prior warning – sudden and furious but short lived!

The Dark Clouds
P. C. Ashlin B. J.

It is extremely beautiful and desired for, when it arrives amidst/ succeeding the scorching summer. Here, it meets the needs of nature and its beings and heals the sunburn of the earthly skin.

It is exceedingly fearful and is cursed and doomed, when it is superfluous and unwanted. Here, its beauty may not reflect in the eyes of the witness, as an excess of anything is dull and monotonous.

It is never always romantic as the poet exalts, when it brings about the season of contagious diseases. Here, it paves way to prolonged condition of sickness and morbidity.

When it rains in the sea & the waves meet the droplets
(picture taken at Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai)

It is mostly a symbol of solitude, when you reminisce the life. Here, it becomes the moment to wash away the cruel past, through the tears, that untimely gets diminished with it.

It is the time for cuddling and breeding with the thrills of thunder and lightning. Here, it acts as a perfect setting for the perfect mood.

It is the time for playing and getting wet resulting in the feeling of freshness within. Here, all those who enjoy the rain leaps outside to upgrade their soul and spirit.

Rain vocalizes itself and who knows what it says?
(video taken from the stairs of the place which played an immense role in my growth)

For me, it brings in a mixture of emotions because the child in me never liked it, as it made me sick, whenever I went out to enjoy it. Whom to blame – the rain or my immunity? There were times I envied those who can fearlessly play in the rain. Doesn’t matter, there occured no much change after growing up, as the darkness and the furious sounds it brings with it, still makes me have an abhorrence for it. No wonder, I am that double minded person when the rain offers the comfort for a tight sleep. May be because the comfort and the cooling it offers for a better sleep, makes me forget its gloomy side. I assure that the rainy day turns me lethargic and lazy and that it is the sunny day that keeps me active throughout. But for being laid back and for rewinding and revisiting own thoughts, rain has helped me a lot. For who doesnot like to take a break and sleep? The rainy day is my day of Break!

The Remains of the Rain
P. C. Reshma M.

Let me know in the comments about your opinion and experience about rain.

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  1. Where can I go
    when you can’t ever know me

    It wouldn’t be fair to tell you,
    to let you drown in tears
    though I know you love the rain

    There is a bridge I can run under
    when thunderstorms reign, but still
    I always wonder if I can go anywhere without you

    There’s an empty meadow
    where I go to scream, but
    I wouldn’t mind if you overheard me

    And I might dry your wet face
    and ask you how you are

    There’s a bridge in the rain
    we could run under, and
    we might cry if you don’t mind

    but I think we could walk to laughter after.

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