|On Moving Apart in Love|

When you need to part ways for reasons other than love, is when you prioritize the other over it. It is an on and off journey when you confuse about your own choices and needs.

PC: Reshma Livin

She was nowhere in the scene, when he started telling me the story, but gradually made her appearance as a slow poison. It was both ‘his’ story and ‘her’ story where none proved wrong. “As water reflects the face,
so one’s life reflects the heart.” (Proverbs 27:19) Hence, this is an effort to delve into their hearts and at the same time, to probe our own roots and marrow. They agreed that they both were equally right as well as wrong. But the point was neither about being right nor wrong, it was the societal norms that troubled them.

The union was magical and harmonious but parting seemed strenuous. To behave calm and matured was gradual and slow; a process of transformation, for the characters to evolve out of their own experiences. Just like the coffee powder which is bitter when unescorted by milk and/or sugar; they turned bitter within, after their separation. For every perfect coffee needs the ingredients to be combined in accordance with the desire of the needy. It is not about the brand of the coffee powder or the fat of the milk but solely about the blend.

To listen to their story was in fact experiencing it, going through all the pleasures, tantrum and trauma. What that makes it more special is the delight of meeting life, as it is. The moral of the story was inclined to Patience, that is to be seen as the key to success in life. But the question remained! Who is the one to be patient? Me, He or Her?

Certain ‘moving apart’ is never devoid of love but is for witnessing the other, happy for the rest of the life. Above all, it is about loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8). It keeps us motivated to move forward. It is not the person but the value and eternity of love which cannot be put to an end, even by death. After all, it is about perceptions.

PC: Maria Justin

Let me know in the comment section about your perception on LOVE. Happy Blogging to all💐

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