To December, with Love

|The Shot in the Dark turned Hopeful|

Not anymore a kid to write letters to Santa but I still believe there exists a hidden child in everyone and in me, who yearns for those little pleasures and surprise gifts in life. It was rare, if I wrote any letters to Santa and it did recieve no replies as well. The letters remained a shot in the dark! May be that we dont have a house with a chimney or that Saint Nicholas from North Pole donot travel to my little space in Kerala.

The Santa we have here in Kerala comes dancing to the music (carols) sung by the companions. Alas! and thus I never saw a reindeer or a sliegh except for in media. Rudolph was somebody, I wished to see right from childhood. What I have seen and experienced is Santas of different size and attire coming and visiting houses during the season of Christmas. Some of them also gifts, toffee to the family members, after having received a small tip (money), as token of love for visiting the house. For this year, I await Santa coming home with a mask and sanitizer and also hope that he has taken quarantine measures to keep himself and others safe.

Santa! Santa! Grandpa…

Christmas has always been the season of fun and joy, majorly because of the ten days leave from school. As kids we were eager to watch the christmas special programs and the new movies released on television. The special Christmas dishes exclusively made on 25th of December, to break the fast and to feast has been the all time favourites. Decors were done at the beggining of the month of December taking help from elders inorder to mark the mood of celebration. Amma used to make wine but cakes were bought from the store or were gifted by any of the friends or relatives. Christma-chrischild gifts recieved from the christmas special friend at school was another biggest surprise element of the season.

A church in Kerala in Christmas decor
From Pinterest – National Geographic Magazine

December was the best month of the year for me as it was all about the birth of little Jesus. My personal favourite image of Jesus is the one inside the crib. It was the month in which we took resolutions to be the best person we can, for the New Year that is soon to arrive. December gave me the chance to be a better person in the coming year. And as a child I always made use of this special opportunity, to be as good as I can. It is the hope that every Christmas and the month of December offers, that makes it really special. December is the month of hope and new beginnings.

It was in last December, after the 25th, that I began my journey as a wordpress blogger. And this year we celebrate the First Birthday of Thea Thoolika. I was completely new to blogging last year when I started, but around 1000 followers for the blog and a few new friends from the blog this year, is indeed a true inspiration and achievement. Yes it was a shot in the dark that turned hopeful. Thank you all for this constant support and love.

🎄✨Christmas Greetings to all and do comment about your Santa fantacies and christmas celebrations as I would like to read what you have to say in specific about the month of December. 🎅🎀

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  1. Enjoyed reading this joyful peek into your life. Warm memories resonate with every person. Hope the present and future create many more.

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  2. I’ve never written a letter to santa but I always wondered why he doesn’t come to place to give me gifts. I wondered what’s special about the other kids from me….now I know it’s the chimney😁😁😁😁

    Happiest Happiest birthday to Thea Thoolika, your blog. It’s an honor to have met you here and you are very supportive. And I cannot believe you are few follows from having 1000 followers. Am truly inspired.
    Am turning one in April but am still growing hence I look up to you

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