Our Little Bundle of Joy

I have felt the urge to write, after a long time and I think, I should write about something so valuable when I choose for a comeback. It was much easier this time to find a topic that ignites my spirit. Here, I will be introducing you to someone who has been my favourite one recently, for some reason or the other or just without any reasons at all. For it is not necessary to have reasons for all things happening in your life as everything happens in a flow just like this one.

I am and will always be with you.~(Mathew 28:20) I start with this quote from the Bible and that is the promise, I give her. She came to my life one day after the long wait. We were all expecting her but we did not know that it was her. Have you ever loved someone so madly and that you do not know why? She is the same for me. My little bundle of joy.

In Her Signature Smile

She looks like her father mostly and like her paternal grandfather when she is irritated but like her mother when she is dolled up with all the baby make up. She has been changing form and size so frequently that we could not digest that she is growing up fastly. She was born on the fourth of March this year, after the complications stated by the gynecologist which disappeared miraculously at the time of delivery. Yes, she was blessed, so was her mother and the family, including me.

The Dolled-up Diva

She has those big eyes which search for all things fascinating and she is curious about the world that she sees now. Curiosity is her prime feature and then comes her pretty little smile and lastly the pride on her face when she is at the hands of her mother and father. As a naughty toddler, she pulls up little tandrums which she soon forgets herself as she gets the food. She is lucky with this forgetfulness as like every child and I think it keeps her happy while she spreads it to the people around her.

The Curious Learner

There is a lot more I need to learn from her. She succumbs to pain without much complaints or may be she does not know how to complain. I remember the times she got sick and she remained silent unlike the others. The smallest things around her make her smile avidly. She enjoys playing with the pillow than a store bought toy and she happily responds to the sound of a plastic cover. She likes seeing lights and she cares a lot for her loved ones.

The Lovely Look in Her Eyes

I have seen her wiping her mother’s face when she sneezes. Yes, that is a beautiful bonding, that she could recognise the time when her mother is not well or sad. She started responding to our video calls lately though we miss having her near to us. I have neither seen her nor had her in my arms till now. She is six months old this month and I hope she gets to read this blog post when she is old enough to read and understand. Her maternal grandparents are my parents and that makes her my neice, my one and only one neice; atleast until my only sister gets another child! We call her Devoottan and she is officially named Diya Don.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Blogging💐

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