|Through the Woods in Tranquility|

Holding tight to the seat and clinging taut to the rails, we rode through the woods, into the forest. The five of us including the driver cum owner of the jeep (who is the most experienced among us) went on to visit the pristine nature that lay untouched, except for the occassional visits of people like us.

The journey began from our homes and we met at the junction wherein we had our light breakfast before we departed for our destination. We reached the spot completely excited for the off-road jeep ride that awaited us. Once we boarded the jeep, we were given a briefing to the journey, we are about to have. Nothing in words can explain it rather it is the emotion one attaches to the views that the eyes capture, makes it appealing.

On a tree it frames its structure, as a hideout for the lovers of nature, the treehouse.

The holistic sight of the destination was seen from a distance through the windows of the treehouse. We spent a few hours at the treehouse, listening to the sound of water splashing on the rocks. After lunch, we kick-started our ride to stop by the first stream that we saw, to devour the crystal clear water. The music of nature that the water played by moving over the rocks became more clear as we approached the interior of the thick forest. On our bumpy ride in the jeep, from the treehouse, we made plans to come back to this exact treehouse, some other day, to spent a night over there, away from all the hustle and bustle.

Let it never be closed for it opens to the immense delight at a distance.

It was dark there in the noon as the canopy of trees prevented the sunlight, yet the sun peeped through them just to guide us. In a matter of time, it rained and the sun disappeared to make us experience the beauty of nature in its absence. The raindrops splashed on the ground and some seeped through the soil allowing the rest of it to flow as a low stream. The leafless cone-shaped plant astonished us with its bright blood red colour adding drama to the green canopy. Nature attracts all those who have the senses to understand, and speaks in a language that is strange as the foot prints of wild animals and subtle as the song of wild birds.

The fall with a beauty in itself!

We visited the temple abandoned by the tribals and guarded by the animals but renovated recently as a public initiative, right in the midst of the forest. This has put me into a dilemma of thoughts about the need of protection that God needs and the myth that surrounds this mysterious location. Witnessing the electric fence and the quarters of the forest guards made me think why we had to separate ourselves from nature when we all had to die one day either from a road accident or from the attack of an animal, what difference it makes!

Flowing with the spirit of life and love.

It was indeed interesting to watch the brown worm that wriggled to attach its mouth to human skin just to feed itself with the human blood. These tiny worms/leeches that is seen abundantly during rainy season, uses its anterior suckers to suck the blood until it gets round and heavy turning itself to red in colour. It did not touch me but my fellow travelers and we sprayed sanitiser to make it leave the body of the host and in the process we killed many. Earlier before Covid-19 and the widespread use of sanitisers, people used either fire or kerosene to get rid of them, as pulling it out with force can result in a wound on our body that can, in turn, become a mess of puss.

The Tiny Wrigglers

On the way back we stopped by the river beside the main road just to immerse our body and soul as the final gesture of happiness. I collected pebbles from the stream as a souvenir of the place and this journey to Seethathodu-Aaluvamkudi through Chittor in the district of Pathanamthitta in Kerala.

The Souvenir

We parted our ways after having traditional snacks of different varieties at a local cafe called ‘Malayora Cafe’. After the hullaballoo that a trip planning entails, from the difficulties of choosing the spot to the tertain and weather conditions and the fellow mates who did back-out from the trip at the last moment; we made it to the best ever memorable experience that will always be cherished and adored. “For there is a proper time and procedure for every delight, though a man’s trouble is heavy upon him.” ~ Ecclesiastes 8:6

Our Watermark!

Thanks for Reading and Happy Blogging.💐

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