The First Blink

I have found the one whom my soul loves. ~Songs of Solomon 3:4

Stepping out of the white car, he walked through the pathway of a new beginning. With an wholesome smile he greeted everyone while I peeped through the window pane. He had a pleasant face and a garceful smile that covered up the anxious heart that pounded for an inevitable reason.

It was fun to be around the family who spread the feeling of being known for centuries. The intensity of nervousness doubled upon entering the room and on seeing him close and face to face. Our eyes met, it blinked and then started wandering for a while. The uneasiness of finding a partner through the minimum alloted time reflected in both of us. Intiating a conversation seemed to be barrier for a few seconds and then he broke the silence with a feeble tone. The conversation gained momentum gradually. I felt solace in the way in which he explained his likes and dislikes. We had many in common and many more individually unique.

Out of the room, when asked for the opinion, he was quick with his positivity and I followed him and nodded in agreement. There was nothing to find wrong not to choose but still with all the confusions and the calculations to see if things are balanced. And while bidding farewell, he once again turned towards me with his warm smile and nodded in silence that seemed intense and cheerful.

Upon deciding to hold on to each other for a better tomorrow

I had to wait to start the virtual talks, and the first text was an enquiry about the family, as a sign of courtesy. And later it became the starter of all the conversations we had for the next few days. He is somebody who likes to be heard and understood and not the one who is into words in written form. He spoke and I could notice the glitters of laughter in between, amidst the thinking process to find a suitable topic. I too had the initial trouble of taking the conversation forward but soon it is to disappear.

And, on one day we decided to meet, after an argument that we had the last night; a very secretive meeting among the crowd and the hury bury of festivity in the chosen spot and it could never be placed anywhere close to a date. I reached the church, waited for his arrival being little nervous and we saw each other but failed to remove our masks, hence our eyes spoke. It was all about a few minutes talk and we departed and it was a funny moment yet special for both of us.

Its been a long time since I wrote something yet very happy to do so now, to tell you all this happy news. Today, I write this to make the announcement that we are getting married soon.

Thank you for reading and Happy Blogging to all. 💐



  1. Oh my Goodness! You’re getting married in 9 days –you must be so busy.

    Congratulations and I pray and bless your union. God is bringing you two together and no one shall put asunder.

    I pray that the love you both share for each other will stay strong.

    I wish you a happy married life.

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