Gallery: Cooking Appetite

(at the end is a culinary poem!!! ) ❣️

My Culinary Exploration😋

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Marbled Banana
Tamil Full Meal
The PP’s
When China Met Kerala
For a Sound Stomach
An Arabian Pleasure
Holding a Secret Within
For a Sweet Western Breakfast
Creamy and Saucy
Masala in Italian
A Kottayam Signature
Stay fresh Stay Cool
Biscuit Cake
Peanutty Coconut
Lemon with Grape Tinch
Creamy Fish in Tomatoes
Sweet balls in Sweety Syrup
Non-veg Veggie
A Violet Relish
The Saffronless Sweet
From a Watery Batter
Masala dipped and Masala Coated
Ifthar Treat
Bread is the Roll and Egg within
Easy Peasy with Pappad
Coconut-Pappad Combo
Pores served with Pastes
The Chick Dumpling
Rustic Rouser
All in One Paste
Chameleon Brinjal
Red and sour
Milky Blocks
Shrimp in Masala
Dry and no more Squishy
Sweet Brown Balls
Multivitamin Drink
Simple yet Delicious
Handmade Sweetballs
Perfect Circle Perfect Combo
Chicken in Grated Coconut
Tandoori Treat
Tangi Goan Chick
Thick Protien Rich
Veggie from the backyard
Mango Mania
Potatoes Peeping
Eggs within Balls
Oozy Cheesy
Basically Tomato
Fried and mixed
Maggified Mix
Bread Crust beneath Chicken Shreds
Break the Crust for the Cheese
Nothing is Wasted
Preserve When in Excess
Fried Protien
Fried Together
South Indian Delight
Spicy Mushroom
Tradition Recreated
With the Raisin Eye
Sweety Yellow
Healthy Dosa
Weight-loss Agent

An year of taming the culinary skills 🥄🔪

have resulted in these….💯

Learning to cook, 👩‍🏫

was a pre marriage course!👰

For me to cook🍳

was the pleasureful syllabus.🤗

Traversing through the trope🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️

I met food; my Love. ❣️

P.S. Above is the collection of my kitchen experimentes from December 2018 to December 2019.