My Best Blogger #7

He is so passionate about blogging that he maintains twin blogs one focusing on himself, his thoughts and science related subjects and the other completely dedicated to sports lovers, as he himself is one.

My Best Blogger #7 💕 Aadit Shah

The two blogging sites of Aadit Shah are Geek Stop published under the name dr universe and The Sports Shrine. Both these blogs are perfectly crafted, well researched and genre specific.

In his words, “Sports is something that gets me past each day, always something for me to be waiting for, looking forward to, a reason to pull me through each day.” Hence, the sports related post titled History Repeats Itself is reblogged here!

History has this way of repeating itself and we witnessed just this on 8th March when a bold India went up against the defending champions, Australia in the final of the T20 World Cup. This time it was with a bit of a twist. The format was T20 and it was a women’s tournament but […]

History Repeats Itself

Wishing Aadit all the success and happy blogging 💐

Thanks for reading. 😊

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