My Best Blogger #6

The Event Manager girl is about Letty Hill’s experiences as an event manager. There are also nuances of her personal life which is well portrayed in her stories. As Letty says she has been through a lot for her age and thus it will be appreciated if you could listen to her story, that which is shared on

My Best Blogger #6 💕 Letty Hill

The blog entry titled “Why Ireland?”, which is reblogged in this post is one of the favourites of mine. The beauty with which she presents her dilemma of taking choices has peaked my interest, as we all make choices and take chances in life to take it forward, for the best that we could hope for.

So I’ve been currently on furlogh since beginning of May, as mentioned in my last post and have been staying in Ireland with my mom, three dogs, a pony named Freddie and a donkey named Neddie. It’s been pretty great but it was a process to decide whether to come over here or not. I […]

Why Ireland?

Hoping that Letty, her mom and Freddie and Neddie are all staying happy together.

Happy Blogging to Letty and Happy Blogging to all 💐

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